About the Artist

To artists who work in clay, earth is the spirit which rules all creation. Susan Maguire epitomizes this philosophy. Ms. Maguire's reverence for the material is paramount. Her desire to respect and emulate the creative forces of Gaia, Mother Earth herself, is paramount to the work she creates.

Like the legions of artist/craftspeople before her, Maguire is a conduit through which the material manifests itself. Her vessels allow the clay to peek out from within the glazes she uses, to remain an integral part of the experience almost as if the piece created itself out of the undulations of the planet.

Susan Maguire

Susan Maguire has lived and worked in South Florida virtually all her life. Her devotion to ceramics as her medium of expression has spanned many years as has her love of the indigenous horticulture of the tropics.Susan Maguire

As a student of Japanese culture and tradition, Ms. Maguire's aesthetic reflects a tradition and respect for the utilitarian uses of pottery. Her tea and sake cups, bottles, and other vessels and plates are part of the beauty of everyday life. Every object, every plant, tree and rock in our lives becomes part of the celebration of our existence. Her creations are a part of this exuberance for living life for the moment.

Maguire's work is spawned from the potter's wheel but her manipulation of the clay body is as unique as her glazes are subtle. Surfaces are gouged and tooled to become as natural as the day they were born of the earth. With respect to their origins, she returns them to the rough-hewn surfaces unlike those we usually associate with ceramics created on the wheel. The glazes are unexpected and original, forever surprising the viewer with nuances rarely seen in ceramic art.

Bringing together the sprit of the artist with the inspiration of nature and its infinite possibilities is as rare as is this artist, as is this work. Susan Maguire is one of a kind and her art is as timeless as the earth from which it comes.The Japanese Influence

Recent Shows:
  • • 18th International Chawan Expo – St Bernardus Abbey, Hemikesem, Belgium
  • • “Messages from Clay” Expo – Old Church Gallery, Vichte, Belgium
  • • Chawan Expo, International Art Association – Todd Hall Gallery, TN
  • • Tribute to South Florida Ceramic Arts – Boca Raton Museum of Art School
  • • Gallery 6 Clay Art Broward – Ft Lauderdale, FL Icon award
  • • Solo Show “Echos” – Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, FL
  • • Broward Coll. Inv., Fine Arts Gallery – Ft Lauderdale, FL Best of Show
  • • Larson Gallery – Ft Lauderdale, FL First place
  • • Multiple showings, Broward Art Guild – Ft Lauderdale, FL